How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Works

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Works


Weight loss hypnotherapy is not a magic pill for your body. It doesn’t remove the need for healthy eating and exercise. What it can be though, is a magic pill for your mind.

I feel that most people would agree that weight gain is caused by a lack of exercise and poor eating habits, and is as much a problem with the mind as it is with the body.

Your mind accepts what you tell it. What you think you are, you are! Maybe a lifetime of enjoying junk food or other reasons such as emotional factors are at play here. Maybe you don’t like exercise. Whatever the cause, it’s going to take a bit of effort to convince your mind otherwise.

For some people this is easier than for others.

Some people are so unhappy with the way they look that the sheer desire not to feel this way anymore is enough to completely overhaul their life. That’s not to say their journey is without effort. But they generally have a pretty strong chance of success.

For others (especially those who find comfort in food), it can be as difficult as quitting smoking or dropping any other bad habit. You associate good feelings with food. It becomes your friend. And from that, even though you may be desperate to lose weight, there is a constant battle between two parts of your mind: the part that wants the change and seeks the outcome, and the part that loves the status quo and comfort.

The part that loves the status quo and comfort will always try to find a way to sabotage your efforts to change (usually through self-talk, such as: you need to eat that, it’s OK, who cares how I look). To convince it that food does not equal comfort means attacking its entire belief system and every decision it has made for you over the past number of months or years!

This is essentially what willpower is: listening to the two sides of your mind as they fight, and trying to ignore the side that loves the status quo. But it’s not exactly a fair fight, because this part of the mind has had a huge head start. It’s been around for years. And if you’ve often let it argue its point and win, it’s going to feel pretty sure of its ability to keep you just as you are. On the other hand, the part that wants the change is very new and completely inexperienced at standing its ground in the face of a bully!

Now imagine what would happen if the two parts of your mind worked in total accord.

Imagine the power and strength you would have. Would you even need willpower?

That’s how hypnotherapy/parts therapy works, and that’s what I do here at Accordhypno. I work to create accord in the mind so that the way you wish you were, you can actually become. Your mind works in harmony to get you there. ACCORD means all parts working together for the outcome.

Weight loss hypnotherapy and counselling works by finding the status quo part of your mind and helping it support you, rather than sabotage you.

And with your whole mind ready to embrace your weight loss goal, you’ll be fast on your way to a whole new lifestyle and a whole new you.

If you are ready to find Accord in your mind and start losing the weight, contact me on 6156 8227 today.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not a magic pill. It doesn’t change the effort required to get healthy. But when you are excited and willing to get fit, it won’t feel like a whole lot of effort at all. It will not be, I can assure you.



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