Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking is one of the best smoking cessation techniques available.

It has an incredibly high success rate (about 97%), costs just a few hundred dollars and is drug-free (so you’re not escaping one habit by creating another one such as with nicotine substitutes).

Often, people are scared to give it a go. And this has less to do with a fear of hypnotherapy and more to do with a fear of never smoking again. Before you quit smoking, your body and brain believe you need to smoke. Even just the thought of successfully quitting is enough to make many people not want to try especially with something that has a proven success rate.

Only when you are absolutely certain that you no longer want to smoke will you be able to make (and keep) a Quit Smoking hypnotherapy appointment.

When this moment happens to you, whether it be from sheer frustration over the cost, the effects on your health, energy levels or another reason, call me (Rebecca: 6156 8227).

When you come to your appointment, bring one of your cigarettes with you. We will release the hold that cigarette has over you during our work together.

In our session we will work on:

  • The reasons you began smoking
  • Why you continue to smoke
  • The effects it has on you (personally)
  • Your new life as a non-smoker


Smoking is a habit, not an addiction. Believing it is an addiction that you can’t break is one factor that keeps you lighting up day after day. We will address this, as well as other myths you have been made to believe about how difficult it is to stop smoking.

Everyone is different, but generally during the session you will feel like you are in a deep state of relaxation.

When you wake up you will remember that you smoked but you will feel extremely positive about quitting to the point where you cannot stand the idea of starting again. Many of my clients report that they have absolutely no desire to light a cigarette after their session.

At the end of our session you will receive an audio version which you should do twice a day, every day for 10 days. This will help reinforce our work together and keep your confidence and positivity levels high.

Most clients only require this one session, though if you have any problems a free booster session is available if you need it.

I have been performing Quit Smoking Hypnosis for over 27 years. I have received hundreds of testimonials from very happy customers who came in smokers, and after many years they can still report that they are happy non-smokers.

When you are ready to leave smoking behind and start a new life smoke free, call me on 6156 8227 and book your appointment.






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