Virtual gastric banding: why you need an experienced professional

Virtual gastric banding: why you need an experienced professional

If you’re thinking of doing virtual gastric banding in Canberra, it pays to do your research and find an experienced professional. Virtual gastric band hypnosis is an involved form of hypnotherapy that requires specialist training from the pioneer of virtual gastric banding herself: Dr Sheila Granger.

When Dr Granger first tested virtual gastric banding on a group of 25 people in 2009, she achieved outstanding results. The group had a combined weight loss total of almost 90kg in just over 3 weeks! Only 1 person in the trial did not lose weight.

It was many years ago when I first received training from Sheila on her inaugural visit to Australia, and since then the treatment has taken the world even more by storm and made countless headlines from clients singing its praises.

In addition to understanding the specific hypnotherapy techniques that make virtual gastric banding successful, certified hypnotherapists are also invested in helping their clients make important changes in their daily lives.

Similar to medical gastric banding, virtual gastric banding makes you feel full after only eating a small amount of food. Except in the case of virtual versus actual gastric banding, it is far cheaper, faster and safer as it does not require invasive surgery. Instead, we convince your mind that you have had gastric band surgery!

Virtual gastric banding is not a diet, but it does require thoughtful food choices in the months that follow treatment. Although you will not be able to eat much, you will feel the urge to choose better foods – and listening to that urge is crucial.

Many of my clients are surprised by their desire to eat more small and very healthy meals, without even trying! This is all part of receiving the proper virtual gastric band hypnosis.

Performed effectively, Virtual Gastric Banding can have life changing and lifelong positive effects.

Here is a testimonial from one of my lovely clients…

I’ve been struggling with my weight for many, many years resulting in a severe lack of confidence. Having tried many different forms of weight loss such as gym memberships, Lite ‘n Easy, Weight Watchers, etc., I decided I’d have nothing to lose by trying hypnotherapy.

After checking online, I made the best phone call of my life by contacting Rebecca. After just 4 sessions with Rebecca over a 3 week period, I’ve not only lost 5.5kg to date, I’ve also found my life has taken a complete turn for the better.

My outlook on life, confidence and personal self-esteem have done a complete turn-around. Rebecca not only helped me on my road to weight loss, she helped me come to terms with some inner demons that I didn’t realise I have been harbouring since my teens.

I feel like a new person with a completely different outlook on life and most importantly, I now like who I am. I cannot thank you enough Rebecca for what you have done for me in such a short time. I would recommend Rebecca without a moment’s hesitation to anyone looking for assistance in any of life’s challenges. You are a caring and compassionate lady and truly excellent in your craft.

Thank you again Rebecca for making a huge change to my life. Here’s to eating to live and not living to eat!


To find out how I can help you lose weight by drawing on my specialist training and years of experience performing Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, please call me on 6156 8227 or contact me.

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