It’s time to quit: cigarettes reach $39 a packet

It’s time to quit: cigarettes reach $39 a packet



If you’ve been sitting on the fence about quitting smoking, the latest price hike may provide the incentive you need.

Government has taken a strong stance on cigarettes in the past decade, pushing the price up more than $10 a packet in an effort to force people to quit, and reduce some of the pressure smoking-related ailments place on our Medicare system.

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the price hikes, with further increases expected in the new financial year (2018-2019).

Given the financial burden smoking now places on smokers (regardless of whether you believe the price increases are fair or not), it seems there is no better time to stub out and throw those ciggies away.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist for almost 30 years, I have helped thousands of clients give up smoking for good.

Smoking is a habit, not an addiction, and just like every habit it can be broken. Over years or decades of smoking, you have trained yourself to walk the same path every day: lighting up with a coffee, after a meal, with a glass of wine, and to break up the work day.

Your subconscious forces you to keep doing this…over and over again. It does not ask why, and it does not make it easy for your conscious to step in and stop it. Therefore, the only way to change your behaviour is to speak directly to your subconscious and change its connection to smoking.

In a single 90 minute session, I can help you do this.

I will break through the conscious barrier, reach your subconscious, and change its “mind” about smoking. By the time the session has finished, you will walk out of my office without any need to light up.

I will also give you a CD to play at home, to ensure that the treatment remains effective as you go through any physical symptoms of withdrawal (which are usually mild).

The cost of this treatment is less than many smokers would pay for a week’s worth of cigarettes. Except, instead of inhaling your money and wasting it on destroying your health, you will never have to pay another cent.

Think of all the things you could do with the money you save:

  • Go on a holiday
  • Get a new wardrobe
  • Enjoy more dinners out
  • Spend money on your kids
  • Buy a new car
  • Pay your mortgage off faster

And not to mention the health benefits:

  • More energy
  • Easier breathing
  • Less anxiety
  • No smell
  • More time to enjoy life (and saving your life!)

Don’t head into the new financial year wasting another dollar, or another minute of your life, on smoking.

I can help you walk a new path – one that leads to greater health and prosperity.

Book your quit smoking hypnotherapy session today by calling 6156 8227 or contact me.



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