Virtual Gastric Banding

After years of yo-yo dieting, I was very much considering having gastric sleeve surgery. I thought before taking that huge step, I might give hypnotherapy a go. I had 4 sessions, one every week. Within the first week, I had lost 2kgs. I have finally stopped obsessing over food and I feel like I can finally reach my goals. Rebecca has been amazing. She has helped me in more ways than one. I recently lost my Dad and have been really struggling with his death. The grief I have felt has been more awful than I ever thought. I couldn’t even function some days. Rebecca has been able to help me both through hypnotherapy and counselling. I finally have stopped crying everyday.

Rebecca is a beautiful soul. Full of wisdom and compassion. So talented and professional. I was really sad knowing my sessions were coming to an end. I will however, come back for booster sessions.

Thank you Rebecca. You know how much you have helped me. In only 4 sessions, you have changed my life.

Much love

Ali xx