I had been suffering with severe social anxiety and agoraphobia for over a year when I decided to go and see Rebecca.
Whenever I would have to go out and leave the house I would have a panic attack and become physically sick. This would happen every time I had to go to work or visit friends and family. As a result I always wanted to be at home and wasn’t living my life. This had become such a problem that I wasn’t really eating or looking after myself, I had lost a lot of weight and felt weak. I had lost friends and was also taking quite a bit of time off work. I was so frustrated as I didn’t know where any of this came from and the anxiety was now affecting all areas of my life.
I was put on Valium, and while it would mellow me out during a panic attack, I was left feeling groggy and tired. After spending a lot of time and money on psycholigsts and psychiatrists without improvement, I felt I was ready to try anything. Hynotherrapy was something I never thought I would try, however I had been suffering for way too long.
After just my first session I noticed some pretty big changes. I got in my car, and instead of driving straight home and staying there like I used to, I found myself driving to the shops. I browsed around and even stopped and chatted with some people who were working for a charity. A couple of hours later I got home and had surprised myself – just the day before there was no way I would’ve done these things. Also this is the day I stopped taking Valium, I have not felt the need to take it since my first session.
It has only been a couple of months and 4 sessions, however I have come a long way. I’m now going out and enjoying the things I used to without even thinking about being nervous or anxious. I find myself leaving the house without any of those feelings registering in the mind.
To anyone reading this who is sceptical or feels helpless as they have tried everything else, I highly recommend hypnotherapy. It has helped me change my life and I am extremely grateful for this.

Rebecca, I thank you so much for your help and support.

Kind regards,