A slimmer, healthier you with Virtual Gastric Banding

A slimmer, healthier you with Virtual Gastric Banding




It’s a common scenario for people who want to lose weight: trying an abundance of fad diets, losing faith, returning to bad habits, and continuing to gain weight.

It can be a viscous cycle that repeats for years (if not decades), until you either:

  1. Accept the status quo and resign yourself to a life of being overweight
  2. Encounter a health problem and are forced to lose weight
  3. Find a lasting solution that reaches you on a profound level

Hopefully, you are one of the lucky ones who discovers the third option before the first two take hold.

Often, a lasting solution is one that does much more than deal with the problem of overeating. It does more than restrict your calories and guide you towards making healthier food choices. And it makes more sense – on a conscious and subconscious level – than forcing yourself into a punishing exercise routine.

A lasting solution is one that deals with the cause of the problem, and the underlying reasons why you overeat and make poor food choices.

It deals with the little boy or girl who was told to eat up all the food on their plate. It helps the stressed out mother who finds solace in overeating late at night. It makes sense of the desire to eat when an emotion (be it happy or sad) becomes too overwhelming.

A lasting solution is:

  • Not another fad diet
  • Not made up of pills and shakes
  • Not a bandaid solution

The Virtual Gastric Band is a weight loss program like no other. It is specifically designed to change how you think about food.

Virtual Gastric Banding retrains your body and mind to be satisfied.

You will no longer want to eat more food than you need for a healthy body. And you will feel motivated to make realistic changes that last long term. It can put you back in control of your own shape and size, by helping you to respond easily and naturally to what your body is telling you.

Find your lasting solution now, and take the first step towards becoming that slimmer, healthier you.

Call me on 1300 851 227 or email info@accordhypno.com.au to make an appointment today.



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