Past Lives: Have we been here before?

Past Lives: Have we been here before?



As a hypnotherapist who believes in learning from my predecessors, I have studied everything from clinical hypnotherapy to counselling, psychotherapy, subconscious mind healing, metaphysics, ego state therapy, and Virtual gastric banding/Hormone Therapy.

You can visit my About page to learn more about my extensive qualifications, where you’ll also see certifications in past life regression therapy, including study with popular American psychiatrist, hypnotherapist and author Brian Leslie Weiss, who specialises in past life regression, and also famous Delores Cannon from Quantum Healing USA.

It is my belief that we (you and I) have been here many times before, and that every time we return we are here to learn more and deal with karmic issues from previous lives.

Many people get the sense that this is true, even if they aren’t sure if they truly believe it. Have you ever met someone you automatically don’t like, but aren’t sure why? Or you get deja vu in certain situations, or feel like you’ve known family or close friends forever – perhaps in previous lives?

I believe that our soul has a destiny, and that each iteration in this world provides new opportunities to learn and grow…spiritually, emotionally, sexually, mentally, and physically.

Some children remember their past lives. Up to the age of 7 they often live in a different world, talking to imaginative people with names and behaving very grown up when relating to it. When you ask them why they have different names, quite often they say things with so much wisdom. But usually by age 7 this disappears, as the sensory overload and memories from this life make them forget, and it’s only through therapies such as hypnosis that allow you to tap into the subconscious mind and remember.

It’s amazing what can be uncovered during a session. For example, many clients recount a previous death, where they know that their body is lifeless but can still see everything around them (even though no one can see or hear them). Other clients recount significant events in a past life, which plays out like a film in their mind.

No two sessions are ever the same, just as no two souls are the same. Some people have reincarnated many, many times and still have what we call an “unevolved” or “young soul”. Others are highly evolved.

It’s also interesting to note that relationships never end. We have different bodies, but there is always familiarity in a face – particularly in people’s eyes.

Often “love at first site”, or a deep connection with a partner, is due to a past life experience. It is recognition of earlier contact, and can have powerful effects in this life (often termed “finding your soul mate”, but I like to call it “love recognition” or destiny). We have many soulmates: parents, siblings, friends, and other partners we have known before from thousands of lifetimes.

If you’ve ever wondered about your past lives, past life regression therapy may give you answers to:

  • ailments in the body
  • creative desires
  • relationship issues
  • purpose
  • spirituality concerns
  • marks on the body

And for those who have always struggled with their identity, past life regression can also help to unearth subconscious truths that are difficult to acknowledge consciously.

I’ve practiced past life regression for many years, drawing on study with Peter Ramster 1992, Betty Binder ’92, Delores Cannon, Brian Weiss, and have studied Helen Wambach ’92 method – all well-known and highly experienced practitioners.

I draw on the best methods needed to speak directly to your subconscious, so that we can find answers to the truths you seek.

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