If you seriously want to quit smoking, this is for you!

If you seriously want to quit smoking, this is for you!

If you’ve made a decision to quit smoking but you’re not sure how, why not try hypnotherapy?

I’ve seen many smokers over the years from all across Australia – including QLD where I lived for nearly 10 years and Melbourne where I lived for 9 years. These are people who had smoked 40-70 cigs a day, or 15-20 cigs a day, and within one hypnotherapy session they had quit for good, with a free session available if they ever needed to come back (though almost none ever did!).

Some of my old clients even travel from Melbourne to Canberra to see me for other forms of hypnotherapy because they have seen such a huge transformation in their life.

Occasionally I see clients who say they want to stop but are not ready yet. It’s important that you are truly ready or there is no solution – hypnotherapy or otherwise – that can help you.

What happens after Quit Smoking hypnotherapy

You will feel on and off that something is missing, but during our session I give you a hypnotic cue to make the feeling go away.

Smoking has so many chemicals in it now that it has become a very dangerous habit to pursue. It’s the same with drinking strong alcoholic beverages as they go hand in hand.

Hypnotherapy means therapy in a hypnotic state. In that state, you make a few decisions and I also talk to your conscious and subconscious mind to make sure they work together in harmony. Smoking/drinking is classified as zoning out, i.e. running away.  But because both are a strong drug, they are not good for your hormonal body.

I’ve had huge success in my work, and have seen over 30,000 people over the 29 years I have been a hypnotherapist. If I feel people are not ready, I may send them away to think about it, and make a new appointment when they are ready.

Before you make a booking for hypnotherapy to help you quit for good, make sure you are really serious about quitting. Think about what you are giving up when you continue to smoke…health, family, cost; it’s a very expensive habit on all fronts.


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