How it Works: Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety

How it Works: Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety



Mild stress is one thing, but severe stress and anxiety can impact your life significantly. It can cause you to avoid situations, miss out on fun occasions, upset your work and relationships, and create disease in the body.

People have been known to faint, or mistake panic attacks for heart attacks, due to the extreme physical side effects.

Stress and anxiety can occur due to any number of reasons. Sometimes it happens due to continued negative thinking over time, and other times it is the result of a significant traumatic event or situation.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment for both stress and anxiety no matter how mild or severe it may be.

Generally clients require 3-4 sessions to be cured, though this depends on the individual and how deeply rooted their anxiety is.

In your initial session, we will discuss what makes you feel stressed and anxious. When did it start? How did it start? What triggers it? How do you normally try to handle it?

Then we will go deeper.

In a state of deep relaxation, I will work with your subconscious to:

Identify and allow the sensations of relaxation. Highly stressed people spend so much time in fight or flight mode that they’ve often forgotten how to relax. Just being placed under hypnosis often provides huge relief. Your body and mind needs to experience this relief in order to be able to identify it, and re-create it later.

Uncover the true source of your anxiety or stress. We will find and work on the source of your anxiety, and we may also need to tackle the fear of fear itself. The fear of an oncoming panic attack is often enough to cause a panic attack and send your body spiralling out of control. So dealing with your anxiety is a two-stage process: curing the anxiety of a particular situation; and curing the anxiety of having anxiety.

Equip you with the tools to empower yourself. I’ll provide your mind with a number of tools it can use, whenever a sticky situation arises. This includes:

  • Re-affirming your confidence in yourself and the ability to handle whatever comes your way;
  • Techniques to self-hypnotise and place yourself in an instant state of calm whenever you need it; and
  • Positive imagery, to counter any negative imagery you normally experience.


Anxiety and stress disorders arise from the mind, and hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment for the mind. From learning to cope with stressful situations at work, to curing complicated anxiety disorders (including PTSD), hypnotherapy may be the solution you need.


To learn more, or to book a session, call me on 1300 851 227 or 6156 8227.


I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you get rid of anxiety and regain control of your life.



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