Treating Eating Disorders

Treating Eating Disorders



Binge eating. Bulimia. Anorexia nervosa.

These are all serious eating disorders that not only damage your body, but can lead to illness, disease and even death.

In the 27 years that I have been practicing hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, ego state therapy and counselling, I have had many clients come to me to treat their eating disorders.

Some have just started on the path to destruction, and others have been warned by their doctors that if they don’t seek professional help they could become very sick.

Every eating disorder is the result of a problem that starts in the mind.

The person feels they cannot control their actions, as with binge eating and bulimia, or they suffer from a warped reality where they see themselves as looking one way (overweight) when they really look completely different (very thin).

This war of the mind is extremely painful and can cause severe emotional distress. Part of the person wants to stop what they are doing. But the part that has been “winning” usually continues to win, resulting in a worsening of the condition. In short, they are in total discord.

When a client presents to me with these symptoms, I need to draw on a range of therapies to treat it. No single therapy is usually enough, but with a combination we can slowly break through the damaging thoughts and give power to positive thoughts that create change.

It often takes between 4-6 sessions to achieve a cure, and it does take complete willingness of the client to be part of the process and take on any advice or techniques I suggest.


  • Eating disorders are a war within the mind
  • Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, ego state therapy and counselling treat conditions of the mind
  • Cure is possible, but you must be willing to change

To learn more about treating an eating disorder, contact me for an obligation-free friendly chat.

Please note that because this is a sensitive subject, I like to get to know my prospective clients immediately over the phone. You may use email to make initial contact, but I will always follow up with a phone call so we can discuss in more depth and decide on a personalised treatment plan.


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