Virtual Gastric Banding…Changing the Brain and Balancing Hormones

Virtual Gastric Banding…Changing the Brain and Balancing Hormones



Are you:

  • Struggling to lose weight?
  • Accumulating excess belly fat?
  • Feeling tired?
  • Experiencing mood swings?
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate?


If so, these are all symptoms of hormone imbalance, likely caused by too much stress in your daily life.

Dr Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) estimates that up to 95% of all illnesses and diseases are caused by stress.

Stress can lead to emotional eating and wreak havoc on our hormones, which negatively impact our weight, metabolism, mood, energy and health.

Severe stress can put us in a constant “fight or flight” mode, where we repeatedly release too much cortisol and damage our immune system, digestion, and brain function. This happens because cortisol is constantly moving energy away from non-essential functions (like the stomach and reproductive organs), and feeding your muscles to help you escape.

Fight or flight is a natural response to help us stay alive. Throughout history, we have used it in times of danger, such as escaping from a predator. However, in today’s modern world, we rarely experience ongoing calm and relaxation with one or two short instances of fight or flight.

In fact, many of us put ourselves in constant fight or flight mode to handle excess stress at work and home. We take on too much, create enormous expectations for ourselves, and end the day in a state of shock – trying to calm the body with excess alcohol or food.

This cycle can continue forever, if nothing is done to treat it.

If you have been experiencing high levels of stress, and are comfort eating and gaining weight, be aware that you are likely placing your body under incredible stress which could lead to sickness, disease, and even death.

But there is a solution.

Curing emotional eating involves reprogramming the brain and balancing the hormones, so that they work together and not in chaos. And this forms part of my virtual gastric banding treatment.

When I work with you to lose weight through gastric banding, I am also working with you to reduce stress and take your body out of chaos.

Within four sessions, you are on your way to better health, slimness, positive lifestyle change, and better food choices to ensure your hormones function properly.

There’s no need to end every day in a state of shock, drinking, eating and smoking the day’s excess cortisol away. You can find inner peace that leads to inner health and amazing outward changes.

Call me on 6156 8227 or contact me today so we can get started.




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