How Gastric Band Hypnosis Works

How Gastric Band Hypnosis Works


Imagine feeling like you’ve just been through gastric band surgery; everything from the anaesthesia to the surgical procedure and recovery without ever setting foot in a hospital.

That’s what gastric band hypnotherapy does. It creates the entire setting for gastric band surgery, using hypnotherapy performed by a licensed gastric banding practitioner and at-home hypnosis guided by an audio tape.

The process is thousands of dollars cheaper, contains no physical risk and makes the client feel that their stomach size has shrunk significantly which then causes them to make improved decisions about portion sizes at meal times.

Gastric band hypnotherapy has a high success rate, but it is not a magic pill for weight loss. Just as surgery creates the state necessary to help you make better decisions, you must actually then make them for change to occur. And so it is with hypnosis.


How does it work?

In our first session I take the time to learn all about you, including: how long you have been overweight, why you believe you are overweight, any emotional or psychological triggers that cause overeating, and other techniques you may have tried to help you lose the weight.

We begin with standard hypnotherapy that places you into a state of deep relaxation and peace.

Once your mind is open to suggestion, I will use a series of techniques to change the way you feel about food, diet and your body. My work is highly personalised, so I will use whatever words and modalities I feel will help you gain the most benefit from our session.

After a short time I will awaken you, and you will firmly believe that you have been in hospital and have a small silicone band around your stomach, as would have occurred during gastric band surgery.

Following the session I will provide you with an audio tape, and some further advice to guide you in making healthier lifestyle choices (just as a physician would do to increase the likely success of a gastric band procedure).

In total, you will require four sessions. Generally clients lose 3kg after the first session, and then 1-1.5kg every week following.

Gastric band hypnotherapy is the most popular hypnotherapy technique for weight loss. Most of my clients are tickled pink (so they tell me) however as with anything, results cannot be guaranteed. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The most important thing is that we work together until you become the ideal version of yourself…or the real you.


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