To fight or to flight?

To fight or to flight?


Your overall wellbeing is critical to how you live your life, and how you live in the lives of others.

Your physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational wellbeing is constantly changing. Each peaks at different times, and has a definite effect on another. Those who have the ability to see the warning signs when one part of their wellbeing is under threat, are able to find the strength to change their lives for the better.

Those who can’t are often faced with what psychologists call ‘the fight or flight response’: “you fight through the stressful situation” or “you run from it”. Naturally, running from the stresses usually feels like the easier, more comfortable option. That is, until it starts to affect other areas in your life! Then, running away can actually become a burden.

Other things that can affect your wellbeing include the basics, like a good night’s sleep or a healthy meal. When you stop taking care of yourself in areas such as sleep and diet, you begin to jeopardise your wellbeing.

If you’ve noticed changes in your sleeping, eating and drinking habits, or you’ve picked up nasty new habits like excessive gambling or smoking, it might be time to ask yourself why. Noticing and acknowledging the changes in your behaviour is the first step to curing yourself from your problems.

Then can you explore why you might be acting this way.

Perhaps you:

  • have just come out of a long term relationship
  • were made redundant from your secure job
  • have put on a few extra kilos

Various life factors lead to negative change, and while we may be able to bounce back from the minor setbacks, sometimes setbacks keep piling up. The bigger the pile, the harder it is to climb out of it.

If your wellbeing is suffering, take a moment to look. Look into yourself. Look at yourself. Look for yourself.

If you need a little help, or a push in the right direction, I can help. If you’re sick of flying away from your problems, I would love to help you fight them.

Our behaviour can be changed with one simple desire for change. But having the desire for change and doing something about it are not often that easy. Hypnotherapy can help you break the cycle you find yourself in, and help you fight the true cause of your pain. It can re-wire your thinking and change the outcome of your life. And it may just be the helping hand you’ve always needed but never found.

Wouldn’t you rather be a fighter than a flyer? Aren’t you ready to be the best version of yourself, for yourself and those you love?

Change your life for the better. Book a hypnotherapy session with me today by calling 6156 8227 or use the contact form.


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