How to avoid escapism these holidays

How to avoid escapism these holidays



Escapism: the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities.


Overeating. Drinking. Smoking. Gambling. These are all dangerous forms of escapism that have a tendency to take hold of people during the holiday season.

Escapism provides a (very) short escape from a stressful situation and is often deeply regretted afterwards. That is, until the mind seeks to escape again!

From a physical point of view, this vicious cycle of escape-regret-escape, is often a response to cortisol and dopamine levels in the body. Cortisol is our stress hormone, and when it is released, our dopamine (or “happy” hormone) levels decrease. Desperate for a spike, we seek out activities that we believe will provide an instant hit of dopamine.

If you live a healthy lifestyle, you might associate this with a cup of tea, a warm bath, a run around the block, or cooking a nice meal. Unfortunately, however, this is not often the case. Too many people associate dopamine release with negative activities such as binge eating, drinking to excess, smoking or gambling. And because the release is so short lived, they continue to engage in the behaviour until they are truly regretful.

This negative behaviour is often made worse during the holiday season, when we are told to relax despite an abundance of stressful situations, such as Christmas shopping, family get-togethers, office parties, and so on.

This year, instead of starting 2018 in a sad and sorry state, make a conscious decision to let go of your negative escapist behaviours and embrace positive new ones.

At Accordhypno, we can help you start next year on the right foot by letting go of these negative behaviours, and finding better ways to cope with stress. We can retrain your brain so that you no longer associate pleasure with things that bring you down and leave you feeling regretful.

Virtual Gastric Banding: Worried about binge eating this silly season? Forget diets and willpower. Virtual Gastric Banding changes the way you see food and destroys the desire to overeat. Like traditional lap band surgery, our techniques will help you feel full after eating less, and get you on the path to healthy weight loss after just a few sessions. Simply call us on 6156 8227.

Alcoholism: The problem with “just a few drinks” is that after a while, “just a few” can become “never enough”. You need more and more to get the same effect, which can have devastating consequences on your health, family and finances. We have countless testimonials from happy clients who have escaped the hold alcohol has on their mind and wellbeing. Email us to learn more.

Smoking: Smoking costs a fortune these days, and it’s scientifically proven to ruin your health. Save your life, your bank account and your sanity by starting 2018 smoke free. Even if you have tried to quit 5, 10 or even 20 times – we can help. By this time next year you could be planning an overseas holiday and enjoying a much better “escape”, simply with all the money you’ve saved! It only takes one session.

Gambling: Gambling away your family’s livelihood is a fast road to divorce, unemployment, depression, and worse. You may think you feel better when you play, but remember the hatred that follows when you (9 times in 10) lose every cent! Gambling hypnotherapy takes just 3-4 sessions, and will help you escape the hold gambling has over your mind and wallet.


Don’t let your negative forms of escapism ruin your life. Take a positive step now by calling 6156 8227 and let us help you turn it around before you welcome in the New Year.





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